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nice ass
I carried my camera around at a festival and I saw Mickey standing at a fence.
When i saw her it looked like she was'nt wearing panties.
I sat beside her, took some pictures, and started a chat.
Soon I had her so far that she went along with me to the studio.
And indeed she had no panties on.
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I met Vicky in a shop while she was looking for a new camera. I started a
conversation and we started to talk about pictures and models. She was
interested in modelling and i invited her to my studio. Vicky was a bit
hesitating at the beginning and i slowly made her go further on every shoot
At the end she showed everything.
Vicky is a beautyfull girl and a pleasure to look at.
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I found Sheira walking around on the market. I wanted a nice dark girl so
by accident i bumped against her and started a conversation. She was only a
few years in holland and was born in Ghana. Her dutch and english where
terrible but i managed to invite her to my home.
There she found out what i really wanted
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I saw Emma shopping in the city of Utrecht.
I noticed her alternative look and her piercings.
It looked like a challenge to get her in front of my camera.
After i spoke to her she wanted to try it.
She started a bit shy but soon i discoverd how kinky she really is.
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Beer bottle
I found Marjo on a household fair in Amsterdam.
With some smooth talk i managed to get her to my studio.
She is a tasteful housewife an after a beer she really turned on.
Marjo is quickly wet and she played with everything she liked.
She even surprised me with a smashing orgasm.
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